WPEngine Review 2017

WPEngine Review 2017 – how does wpengine compare to other hosting companies in the year 2017? Find out via this 2017 wpengine analysis.

Many people look for complete support from their WordPress hosting company as much as possible. This is especially true if they are webmasters who do the majority of their business online. Why would you go for a hosting company that is impassive and only provide what they list in their respective plans?

WordPress may be one of the most user-friendly content management systems available today, but we can’t deny the fact that not all people are savvy enough to handle the technical side of their website. What’s important, in the first place, is the content that they are willing to share. This is why if you are looking for total support from a managed WordPress hosting company, then you really should take a closer look at the WPEngine web hosting plans and features we have outlined below.

The Webhosting Plans of WPEngine

When choosing the plan for your website, it’s important to determine beforehand the amount of WordPress installs that you are going to make, visitors that would come to your site on a monthly basis (a person with a unique IP address is considered as a visitor), as well as the local storage space that you need. You can easily utilize the built-in slider in WPEngine’s official site to input these figures, and the company would automatically suggest the correct plan for your needs. Of course, the said factors pretty much determine the size of your site. If you’re still starting out or testing out WPEngine’s infamous service, then we highly advise that you start with its base plan.

You also need not worry about one other important aspect of web hosting, which is data transfer, as all the plans offer unlimited amounts of it. Undoubtedly, this is what would attract most users to opt for WPEngine as this pretty much guarantees performance boosts and optimal site loading speed.

Of the 5 total plans that WPEngine offers, Personal is the first one. It has a base cost of $29/month and has a WordPress install limit of 1, a 25k visitor monthly limit, and storage space that amounts to 10GB. Perfect for users who want to start on the right footing when launching their online presence with a WordPress site.

Next comes Professional that costs $99 per month. You’ll also get a 100k-visitor monthly limit with it, besides 20GB of storage. Great for users who want to level up their site from Personal. Business is the third plan, and true to its name, is the most recommended plan for online businesses. You will get a visitor limit of up to 400k per month with it, as well as 30GB of space, and a total of 25 WordPress installs.
Premium is certainly best for robustly growing websites as it raises the visitor limit to more than 1 million a month, has a local storage limit that can reach up to 300GB, and has a total of 150 WordPress installs. You have to communicate to WPEngine about your desire to avail of this plan beforehand, though.

Like Premium, Enterprise Grade requires you to contact WPEngine prior to availing in order to arrange to price and find out other details about the said plan. With a whopping 5-million-plus visitor limit and a local storage bar that can be raised up to 1TB, this plan is certainly the plan to get for the big dogs of any online industry.

Loads of Other Features that Make WPEngine the Best Managed WordPress Host

WPEngine has been compared to other hosts when it comes to providing security from hackers, and with it as your host, you can be certain that it would safeguard your website/s from such threats thanks to their regular automatic security and protection updates.

They also offer restore points for your site, with which you can restore the data of your site with the single click of a button. But, without a doubt, it’s their proactive and responsive customer support services that really deserve all the highlighting. They are guaranteed WordPress experts who would take care of all the technical aspects of your WordPress site, leaving you to invest your time in other activities to further advance your online presence. As you can see, WPEngine hosting plans certainly work in great synergy with its other bonus features. With that said, WPEngine certainly deserves a 5/5 star rating and is the best web hosting company for users who want to make the most out of WordPress.

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