Hostgator vs Arvixe Review 2016

The internet is full of web hosts. It can be difficult to choose the right web host when there are so many options to choose from. What do you need to do when you when you cannot put a finger on the right host? It is fairly simple, go through some of the best options available and make a final judgment based on the facts. Hostgator and Arvixe are some of the two most popular web hosts in the web space. These two hosts offer a wide variety of applications to all sorts of users. Hostgator is often touted as one of the best web hosts out there. But what exactly gives it an edge over Arvixe in particular? We will see in the following analysis.

Hostgator vs Arvixe

Hostgator vs Arvixe: Client Opinions

When you go around the web, you will find many people recommending Hostgator over Arvixe. Why should I trust people’s opinions, you might ask? The reason is simple, the online marketplace is coupled with individual reviewers who give the real analysis of their experience with various web hosts. These are people who have actually used the particular services and come up with their independent analysis. This is why when determining the best host, one of the key issues to consider is the general opinions and reviews online. In terms of these, Hostgator has the upper hand over Arvixe.

Hostgator vs Arvixe: Control Panel

For most clients, a good host should provide an easy web interface that makes it possible for them to go about managing their site without too much hassle. This is why the control panel is essential in determining a good web host. Looking at the user interface of Arvixe, the platform is quite modest with some of the most important features adequately represented in the graphical user items as well as interface categories. Hostgator, on the other hand, has a uniquely designed control panel which is not only simple to use but also highly efficient. For any sort of user, this is definitely the best interface of the two.

Hostgator vs Arvixe: Reliability

Reliability basically means the ability to support features and meet the expectations of the user. In terms of reliability, the two hosts have sort of comparable abilities. But on the overall, Hostgator seems to decisively take the crown especially when it comes to support of features. This host has a plethora of applications to support different web platforms which mean that the user can tweak the interface in as many ways as possible. This is definitely the expectation of most clients and Hostgator seems keen to address the concerns of their clients.

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Hostgator vs Arvixe: Support and Client Service

When it comes to client support, the two companies have great teams that offer support to their clients. The support of Arvixe can be reached through contacts, community and online. Hostgator also has comparable mediums of accessing support. The main difference between the two companies, however, is the mode of delivering technical support where Hostgator definitely wins over Arvixe. The support at Hostgator is simply awesome.

Hostgator is a great web host which deserves a 5/5 rating.


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